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Our story

Cultivation has always been part of who we are as humans. Throughout history we have tilled soil and irrigated hills turning dry acres into fertile fields to feed our communities, we have used our sharpest minds and best tools to eat - not just plentifully but well.

Leaf brings this spirit into the future with Vertical Farming. Our challenges are different, and our methods are advanced, but we are continuing the simple work of growers before us; to use everything we know to make the best food possible, for all to enjoy.

We feed our plants only what they need, and they return the favour. Vertical Farming brings “local” even closer; allowing us to grow fresher, more flavour food that travels the shortest distance to your plate.

Growth lies beyond comfort; and fresh, more flavour food is grown beyond convention - naturally.

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Unconventional by nature





British basil

Free from chemical pesticides

Harvested all year round

Our promise

Vertical farming allows us to grow our food to the same amazing quality again and again. Our methods also mean we grow sustainable, local produce all year round, reducing water consumption and removing the need for harmful chemicals.


Our flagship range of fresh herbs and salads grown, harvested and delivered to a store near you within 24hrs. Picked today, plated tomorrow. These salads are incredibly fresh and crisp with delicate yet powerful flavours, delicious with a light dressing or added to your favourite dish.

Our produce

Our farms




Acres of land in one

The food grown

Shorter time in grow

Leaf’s food is rooted in innovation, growing within Europe’s largest network of vertical farms. Find out more via our video.


As we continue to cultivate a higher taste, we have also developed an innovative range of sauces with Leaf’s produce at its core. By combining the freshest local produce with international flavours we have developed an innovative range of sauces and pestos to enhance your meals even further.

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